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5 Design Ideas for the Amazing Small Kitchen!

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Contemporary homes and apartments are getting smaller by the day, and it’s often the kitchen and bathrooms that bear the brunt of the size cut. If you look at it from another perspective, there are many advantages of having a small kitchen. Firstly, you don’t have to spend a lot on the interiors, and what’s even more beneficial is the fact that you can actually save time required for cleaning. Also, the options for designing the amazing small kitchen are as diverse, and in this post, we bring a list of ideas that can really change things.

  • Keep things under wraps. You don’t want the small kitchen to look messy, which is why it’s wise to consider cupboards and cabinets for the most part. This ensures that everything from the utensils and dinnerware to condiments and spices remain under the wraps, and the kitchen looks perfectly organized on the surface. Getting a modular kitchen is like a onetime expenditure that always works.

  • Embrace a tone. Something as simple as white and black or green and white can look really stunning. When you have limited space, too many colors can ruin the theme. In fact, for smaller rooms and kitchens, there’s one rule that always works – KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!). Consider a theme that works with the rest of the house.
  • Add a breakfast bar. In case you don’t have extra dining space, a good idea is to get rid of the kitchen wall and substitute with a breakfast cum dining bar. This is like having a nice table right next to the cooking area, so meals are served right away. Add a few nice comfy stools for that extra effect.
  • Make the most of the walls. It is extremely necessary to take the wall décor to the next levels, especially if you have opted against modular designs. You can use walls for creating shelves, hanging the pans, or to just add a nice backboard for your to-do list. In short, don’t let the wall space go to waste.

  • Get more lighting. Adding sectional and mood lighting in the small kitchen is one of the best ways to uplift the space. Spot lighting below the cabinet or anywhere over the open shelves creates an instant difference, and again, this doesn’t have to cost a bomb.

If required, take the help of an interior designer to sort the options and design ideas!

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