A Beginner’s Guide to Spray Painting

Spray painting is picking up in today’s times as it is convenient and allows you to paint a large surface in a short period. Though we all know that anyone can spray paint, there are some basics that you need to follow to make sure that you spray paint correctly.

This is because if you overdo it, you will have paint drips. On the other hand, if you paint too little, then your walls will look incomplete. Read along to know everything you must know to become a pro at spray painting your walls.

Tips to keep in mind while spray painting 

Spray guns or machines help you achieve a uniform and smooth paint surface in no time. However, you must also keep in mind that a lot of paint gets wasted while wall painting with a spray and it might end up being a costly affair. Here are 8 handy tips to master the art of spray painting in 2022.

  1. Prep the surface

Just like before painting with a paintbrush or a roller how you thoroughly clean your surface, you must do the same before spray painting a surface. This will ensure that the surface doesn’t have any dirt or debris that will reduce the adhesiveness of the paint.

  1. Prepare the room

If you are spray painting indoor walls, then make sure that you open the windows before you start your painting work. After you are done with your painting, let the windows remain open and switch on the fan for proper ventilation so that the paint cures completely. Cover the floors and all the furniture with a drop cloth so that they don’t get paint splattered on them. If you are spray painting a furniture piece or a décor item, it is advised that you paint it outdoor, if possible, for proper ventilation and quick drying.

  1. Wear protective gears 

It is recommended that you wear your protective gear like gloves and goggles while spray painting, especially if you are a beginner. It is best if you wear old clothes while you are wall painting so that you can throw them away after your painting work is completed.

  1. Sand the surface

Don’t skip sanding the surface as this step will give you a smooth surface to paint on. So, sand the surface thoroughly and wipe off the dust with a rag before you move to the next step.

  1. Prime the surface 

You must prime the wall so that you get a smooth wall on which you can spray paint. Priming your walls is non-negotiable especially if you are planning to use a light hue on a dark-coloured wall. Apply the first coat of primer and let it dry completely before you decide whether you want to go for another coat.

  1. Spray paint correctly 

Test the spray paint before you start spray painting a wall. Make sure that the spray gun or the can has an easy-to-use trigger that gives you a smooth stream of paint. A beginner’s mistake you must avoid is spraying heavy coats on the walls. Instead, you should spray several light coats so that there are no paint drips or uneven, thick patches of paint. Make sure that you spray the paint from at least 8 inches away for the best results.

  1. Read the instructions 

Check the label behind the spraying can before you start your DIY wall painting project to know about the drying time and the proper spraying distance before you start your painting work.

  1. Clean the spray can 

If the tip of the spray can is clogged, then gently wipe it with warm water or lacquer thinner. It is not advised to use a pin to clean the tip of the can.

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