Bathroom Necessities That Promote Health Improvement

Innovations and sophisticated inventions will not only make life comfortable but also promote better health. These technological advancements are seen everywhere from the workplace to learning institutions, health centers, and even in bathrooms.  

Bidet Toilet

A bidet is a spray nozzle usually underneath the toilet seat intended to assist in cleaning oneself after each toilet use. It is hooked straight to the bathroom’s water system, thus guarantees the water used in taking a bath and brushing the teeth is the same one that flows from the bidet toilet unit.

More than the comfort it gives, a bidet provides convenience and increases one’s self-esteem. For one, elders or those who just had an operation or surgery need not ask somebody to help wash them. A bidet provides hands-free cleaning with just a simple push on the button.

A bidet also provides gentle yet thorough cleaning. One doesn’t have to use toilet paper anymore to wipe clean the genital or anal area. For one, excessive wiping of the behind causes skin irritation.  Likewise, cases of infection and cross-contamination may also happen.

There are reports of UTI or urinary tract infection because of the use of tissue paper. Some individuals repeatedly wipe their behind, and tiny pieces of toilet paper left on the genitals or anal area cause infection.

Cross-contamination happens, on the other hand, when one uses tissue paper and just left the soiled paper within easy reach of other individuals. Another case of cross-contamination occurs when one cleans self-using hands and water and after that didn’t thoroughly wash the hands.

Water Heater

A water heater is one bathroom necessity especially in countries with a cold climate. Aside from giving warmth and comfort, a water heater has many other benefits.

Studies have it that taking a bath with warm water improves better blood circulation. It is because the hot water pushes the heart to work harder, thus improving blood circulation.

Warm water likewise helps heal joint pain and relaxes the muscles. This especially holds true when one just had a workout and quickly submerged self in a hot bath. The hot water relaxes his overstretched muscles and helps them to recover soon.  

Another advantage of taking a hot shower is relieving one of a headache.  Constricted blood vessels in the temple cause headaches. The pressure that induces a headache lessens if not entirely diminishes when one takes a warm shower.   

Many attest, too, how a warm bath promotes better sleep especially after a long and tiring day. A hot shower likewise makes one feel better and even less anxious. This is because, again, warm water relaxes tired muscles and relaxes tensed joints.

Health and beauty experts likewise swear by the efficiency of a warm bath in cleaning the skin. As warm water opens the pores, it helps one to cleanse the skin and remove dirt and impurities thoroughly. If one only notices, even washing the face with warm water leaves the skin feeling fresh and smooth. Find out here now for more info about the benefits of warm water.

Improve Health with these Bathroom Necessities

Sometimes, one doesn’t need medication to feel better or relieve self of a headache or muscle pain. There are natural ways to feel better, and one may start with installing bathroom necessities that improve health. A bidet, as well as a water heater, are just two bathroom improvements one may consider. Installation of these will not only benefit one but the entire family.