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Benefits of Buying Timber Bollards

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Bollards and rails are commonly used on fences and in public spaces for a variety of reasons. In the olden days, bollards were mainly used on pontoons and piers, and they were used for securing the rope of a ship to tie it down near a wharf. However, timber bollards are also used for diverting traffic on the road. If you want to set up a different route around your property or in a public space, you might want to think about buying some timber bollards. For instance, bollards can be set up to divert large trucks and vehicles from one part of the road to another.

If you are interested in buying timber bollards in Brisbane, there are a number of private companies that you can buy them from. Timber has been used for thousands of years in construction. When man first discovered that wood could be used for building settlements and housing, it didn’t take long before large amounts of trees were being cut down. There are many reasons why you should consider going for timber bollards instead of conventional ones. Here are just a few reasons why timber should be your primary choice.

Environmental Sourcing

One of the main reasons why bollards are so commonly made from timber is because timber can be sourced from a variety of different types of trees. However, the problem is that the tree must be felled before timber can be extracted. Thankfully, new trees can be planted in the same place, which makes timber a renewable resource for construction. More importantly, timber can be recycled on a massive scale, making it a fantastic choice for people who want to choose bollards that are made from eco-friendly materials.


The timber bollards are going to be constantly exposed to the environment. They are placed right under the sky and are going to take a battering. As a result of that, it’s important for you to buy bollards that are versatile and durable. Timber is actually one of the most versatile materials used for construction nowadays. All you need is to apply a few oils on the timber wood to keep it strong and durable. Timber isn’t as badly affected by the changes in the environment as compared to other materials. If you want a long-lasting solution that won’t cause many issues and is going to last you a long while, you should definitely consider selecting timber bollards.

Tensile Strength

Another reason why you should go for timber bollards is because their tensile strength is incredibly high. The bollards can be easily cut into different shapes and are incredibly strong so you don’t have to worry about them breaking in case there’s a high impact on the bollards. The tensile strength of the timber bollards is incredibly high, so if you are putting up the bollards for keeping large vehicles out, this is a great idea. These are just a few things that you should know about buying timber bollards.

Bollards are becoming increasingly popular for security purposes, as they can be more easily installed than other types of protective barriers. A wide range of high quality bollards are available that can be used to protect various types of facilities, including airports, hospitals, banks & commercial buildings.

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