Flat Roofing Options When Building an Extension

Many UK homeowners decide to extend their property as they require more living space, and regarding flat roofing, there are a number of options to consider. In this short article, we will examine the various materials that can be used to create a flat roof, with the aim of helping you make the right choices.

  • Traditional Felt Roofing – Still very popular, felt roofing involves laying three separate sheets of felt that overlap each other and with heat sealed joints, the roof is fully waterproofed. If you are looking for a flat roof in Cheltenham, there is an established roofer who specialises in felt roofing and he would be happy to quote for your project.

  • ARP Fibreglass Roofing – This is another very popular flat roof choice that is durable and long-lasting, providing a roof covering that is waterproof and will stand the test of time. A fibreglass roof is very reasonably priced when compared to other materials, which is one of the reasons why it is very popular.

  • EPDM Rubber Roofing – This is the choice of many, due to its durability, complete waterproofing and low cost. Rubber roofing is installed as a single sheet and the edges are heat sealed to ensure a waterproof covering. A rubber roof should last 15-20 years and can handle weight, so if you wish to have a rooftop garden or install a/c units, a rubber roof is the ideal solution.

Whatever material you decide to use, make sure that the contractor is experienced and established and you should be very happy with the outcome.