How to Eliminate Different Types of Candle Wax from Carpets?

Carpet is one of the areas that must be focused on if one wants to keep the home clean and hygienic. Wax droplets on the carpets are a common problem that homeowners often struggle to clean. Though many individuals have the right tools and know the techniques to handle ugly stains, very few know how to eliminate wax from carpets. Getting wax out of the carpet is not as challenging as it might appear if the problem is tackled immediately. This is a simple guide on how to remove candle wax from carpet. Different types of wax need to be handled distinctly and eliminated from the carpet.

Removing Candle Wax

Using Ice

It is recommended to eliminate as much candle wax as possible from the carpet. Some even utilize ice to solidify the wax so that it is easier to scrape them off the carpet.

Using Cloth or Paper Towel

Once the solidification helps to scrape out ice, there are still some leftover pieces on the carpet. It is suggested to remove them using a clean cloth, or a paper towel can be beneficial.

Using Hairdryer or Iron

Candle wax can melt at low temperatures. Thus, using an iron or hairdryer can do the trick. One can use the appliances over cloth or paper towel and melt the wax. It is the cloth or paper towel that can absorb the melted wax.

Removing Melted Wax

Sometimes accidental spillage of melted wax on the carpet is common in homes. When such accidents occur, homeowners become anxious and try to research “how to remove candle wax from carpet?”. Dealing with melted wax on the carpet is not a challenging task, as there are simple ways of removing it.

It is ideal to mix acetone and isopropyl alcohol and prepare a mixture. A homeowner simply needs to soak a piece of cloth or paper towel in the mixture and apply it on the affected portions of the carpet. The solvent is believed to be effective in removing melted wax from carpets and rugs.

Removing Dried Wax

Wax becomes dry quickly, and when left unaddressed, it is filled with dust and dirt particles. Removing dried wax from the carpet is not an easy task unless one is aware of the proper techniques or tools. The following steps can quickly help one to get rid of dried wax from his/her carpet.

  • The first step involves placing a moist cloth or paper towel on the dried wax area.
  • This is followed by ironing over the cloth or paper towel on medium heat.
  • The wax is found to be melting, making it easier to clean.
  • The final step includes rubbing alcohol on the leftover residue of dried wax and cleaning the carpet.

Removing hot wax

Eliminating hot candle wax is more accessible than dried or melted wax from rugs and carpets. There are several steps on how to remove candle wax from carpet.

  • One has to scrape away any extra wax with the help of a scrapper from the carpet.
  • The next step includes wiping any leftover residual wax with a moist or paper cloth.
  • Placing a new cloth or paper towel on the hot wax area of the carpet and running an iron (medium hot) for a few seconds is effective.
  • Once the hot wax is removed, the leftover residues can be eliminated by rubbing alcohol on the area.

The popularity of the Vinegar Method

Vinegar and baking soda are popular kitchen products that can remove different types of candle wax from carpets and rugs. Additionally, vinegar is also effective in removing wax from walls and mirrors. The following steps can be considered.

  • One must sprinkle baking soda on the affected area and wait a minute.
  • The next step involves pouring vinegar on the baking soda until it dissolves.
  • The final step includes blotting the mixture of baking soda and vinegar with a paper towel or cloth and vacuuming any remaining wax deposits.


From the above analysis, it is clear that different types of wax can get spilled on carpets and rugs. Instead of getting tensed, one must be calm and apply easy tricks and techniques to eliminate undesired candle wax from the carpets. The good news is several online sources also guide the steps on how to remove candle wax from carpet.