Make the Switch to Solar Panels and Batteries

Thinking about going solar? It’s a great idea, but without some background knowledge and information, it can seem scary. Learn a bit more about solar panels and batteries to determine if it’s a good fit. Some factors to consider include overall savings, long-term usage and government incentives or initiatives. Australians are in luck because they live in a sunny location and now have nationwide projects dedicated to increasing solar energy.

Save Money With Solar

Some people have noticed that electricity from traditional sources has become more expensive. They’re right! Take a quick review of past and current electric bills to spot the differences or fluctuations in utility usage. If it’s cringe-worthy, don’t worry. Solar panels are no longer some futuristic dream; they’re available today. Throughout the past few years, these home improvement items have seen a dramatic decline in price. They are no longer reserved for millionaires and A-list celebrities. Solar panels can improve the home value of a property, give it an appealing facelift, and inspire neighbours and friends to do the same. Take a peek at how much energy is really being used in the home. Solar power can cut that amount in half or more.

Improve Home Efficiency

Australians are in a good spot, literally and figuratively. Solar energy is a viable option for many of them because their homes sit in prime sunny locales. A home’s orientation to the sun is a primary factor in determining whether or not solar panels and batteries are a good choice. Roof type also matters, as well as the amount of shade that falls on the house. For instance, Maitland has an average of 240 sunny days per year. Australia itself is one of the top ten sunniest places on earth! It’s a prime spot for taking advantage of solar power. Besides trimming monthly energy bills, going solar makes a big impact on the planet. Families who use solar energy emit fewer overall greenhouse gas emissions. It’s a nice deal having smaller utility bills and helping the environment with one action!

Australia’s Government Initiative

It’s now easier than ever to get a panel or solar system battery in South Australia. The South Australian Marshall Government revealed a recent incentive plan for residents. It’s called the Home Battery Scheme, and it assists south Australian homeowners with buying solar panels, systems and batteries. The plan uses loans with low interest rates and direct subsidies for people who wish to purchase eco-friendly home options. Plus, the Commonwealth Government hopped on board and announced that its Clean Energy Finance Corporation will provide assistance to homeowners making the switch as well. This is the perfect time to change energy sources and get government aid for doing so. If it’s been a consideration for some time, now is the time to take action!

As with any big decision, be sure to weigh all available options. Do some research and learn how to qualify for a direct subsidies or low-interest loan, as well as which solar companies offer the best solutions.