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Mark Roemer Oakland Examines Five Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

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It can be exciting to design your ideal kitchen, which may entail tearing down walls and choosing everything from the flooring to the backsplashes to the appliances. It’s typically a pleasant but complicated procedure with many moving parts; it’s easy to miss small elements that can cause huge issues later on—and may cause you to go over budget. To uncover the kitchen makeover blunders you should avoid, Mark Roemer Oakland spoke to nine experts, including architects, designers, and flooring specialists. For a list of their top five deal-breakers, scroll down.

Failing To Properly Plan

The largest error most homeowners make during a kitchen makeover, in the opinion of an architect, house builder, and home remodeler Michael Menn of Northbrook, Illinois, is neglecting to plan appropriately. An end goal and vision are necessary for a successful kitchen renovation. Menn clarifies that he is not referring to a gorgeous rendering of how you envision your dream kitchen. “Decide how your life—and the lives of your family—will be in this new place because the kitchen must function to [serve] those purposes.”

Underestimating The Construction Cost

Menn asserts that failing to plan also includes failing to construct a budget accurately. Have a 15 to 20 percent contingency, he advises. “Whatever you think you want to spend, you will spend more.” Since most people rush when making these decisions, take your time and conduct as much research as possible on your flooring, countertops, cabinetry, lighting, accessories, appliances, etc.

Choosing Cabinetry Before Appliances

According to real estate broker Egypt Sherrod, one of the hosts of HGTV’s new program Married to Real Estate, it’s a mistake to choose your appliances after the cabinets have already been placed. A one- to two-inch difference can make or break an installation, she explains, “Measurements are vital when it comes to planning a kitchen.” Therefore, you must know your appliance measurements before the cabinet requirements are created. This enables the specifications of the appliances to be appropriately taken into account when everything is laid out, Sherrod continues.

Installing Floors After Cabinets

Your cabinetry and flooring should be installed correctly, and Paul Henthorn, the proprietor of Slaughterbeck Floors in Campbell, California, advises doing so whenever it is practical. He says there are at least two potential issues if cabinets are put in over a hardwood floor. In the event that the floor needs to be changed or repaired, it becomes much harder to remove the floor without causing damage to the cabinets since the floor loses its capacity to expand and contract. Additionally, he claims that putting in the flooring after the cabinets reduces the possibility of the floors being harmed during the installation of the cabinets.

Wrong Choice of Flooring

Henthorn emphasizes that the wood selection is crucial if you intend to install hardwood floors in your new kitchen. Choose wood that has been correctly finished; a sealed pre-finished hardwood is an excellent option. A textured finish, such as hand-scraped, distressed, or reclaimed wood, can provide extra traction while also hiding damage from kitchen wear and tear. He also warns that hardwood can be slippery. Some wood with “a high Janka hardness rating—1500+—such as hickory, can resist regular use and drops while minimizing damage,” he advises.

The kitchen, according to Henthorn, is the room in the house where accidents happen the most, so it’s critical to secure the areas where slips are most likely to occur. Place rugs or pads in front of the refrigerator, sink, dishwasher, and pantry.

Consider cork flooring. According to Henthorn, cork is most frequently used in kitchens because of its softness, sound absorption, and green color. He cautions that cork can readily fade in the sun and suggests that you take this into account.


As you can see, there are many things to consider when doing a kitchen renovation. Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you get the advice of a professional before you make mistakes that will last you years or even a lifetime.

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