Mid – Century Modern Living Room Tips

Your living room is where you receive your guests and entertain them. You must pay heed to its aesthetic appeal to ensure that you create a good first impression. There are many living room designs you can opt for. The mid-century modern living room designs have received immense popularity in recent times. It captures the iconic styles of the 1950s and ’60s. Although the elements used in this decor are quite practical, they have an artistic touch that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the room. This trend first appeared in the 20th century when many renowned designers started crafting furniture and decor items that are not only practical but beautiful as well. Over the years, their designs have persisted and inspired many, making it possible for the mid-century living room design to stay alive. If you want to create a mid-century modern living room design, here are a few tips that will help you:

01 of 05 Choose the right colours

A strong colour palette is considered ideal for a mid-century modern living room design. If you want to give the interiors a 50’s look, you must add a few colours. Mostly, unfiltered shades are used with an earthy background to accentuate the interiors. Using such colour combinations, you can achieve a statement look for your living room interiors. You can either choose various furniture and decor elements that feature a lively colour against an earthy background or add that pop by introducing an accent wall in your modern living room design.

02 of 05 Introduce earthy tones

Although using earthy colours creates the opportunity to introduce some vibrant and bold colours in the living room design, you must always keep in mind that they are still one of the primary colours. Maintaining balance and harmony was a crucial part of home designing during the 1950s. Earthy tones always help to bring in more balance in a setup.  There are various earthy tones you can use like brown and grey that make the perfect backdrop in a living room. Wood is one of the most common materials that are used to introduce earthy tones in a mid-century living room design.

03 of 05 Do not add oversized furniture

There is nothing wrong with buying big furniture pieces if you need them but you must remember that your mid-century living room design should never appear cluttered. Hence, you must try to opt for small furniture pieces when possible. For instance, a low-profile sofa or chair will create the illusion of more spacious interiors. As a result, the room will appear larger and more inviting. If you want to give it a more luxe feel, choose furniture pieces that feature clean lines and tapered wooden legs. Tapered legs are one of the iconic symbols of 1950s furniture designs.

04 of 05 Opt for leather furniture

When it comes to choosing the upholstery, choose leather. Using leather furniture will help to give your home interiors a very luxurious feel. Further, leather provides you with lots of options while choosing the colour of the upholstery. Hence, you can pick a tone that will complement the rest of the colours used in your mid-century modern living room. Besides leather sofas and chairs, choose leather pillows as well to ensure that the same theme is followed throughout the seating space. This will help to get a more authentic mid-century look.

05 of 05 Choose a bold wallpaper

Use wallpapers to get the right mid-century living room look. There are various options available in the market. Choose a wallpaper that features complex motifs and saturated colors with various geometric patterns that complement the overall look of the living room design. If you want an earthy tone, choose wallpapers with shades of brown, green, or grey. Wallpapers with gold accents and metallic tones are quite common in mid-century living room designs as well. However, if you want the wallpaper to really stand out from the rest of the decor and become the focal point of the room, you can choose one that features various abstract patterns and colours.